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quote from http://expo67.ncf.ca/expo_67_40th_anniversary_edition_p3.html  -  "At Expo 67, visitors to the Telephone Association of Canada pavilion saw a film presentation entitled "Canada 67".  The designer, Walt Disney Imagineering, was a CircleVision 360° presentation which proved to be highly successful with 6,000,000 visitors to the pavilion. The movie was produced by Fritz Spiess ("called the dean of Canadian cinematographers" by his peers) and was directed by Canadian Robert Barkley. On October 1, 1982,  Walt Disney Imagineering presented a CircleVision 360° film at the Canada pavilion at Epcot called "O Canada!" (a new film is to take its place in the fall of 2007 with famous comedian Martin Short telling the story.)  For Expo 86 in Vancouver, they presented a CircleVision 360° film called "Portraits of Canada/Images du Canada" at the Telecom Canada pavilion."


Postcard with picture of exhibit -

expo 67



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